Plot an E-mail Link

On Google maps, there is a nice option to be able to look up an address (in Japanese) and then email a link to someone. Of course, you can do the same on diddlefinger (in English AND in Japanese). "Wouldn't it be nice" we thought, "to be able to plot Google map links on diddlefinger to get the benefit of English labels?".

And now you can...

So - if someone has sent you a link like this: layer=&ie=UTF8&z=15&ll=33.568432,130.409946& spn=0.018952,0.028796&om=1&iwloc=addr

Just paste the whole thing, including the "http://" bit into the field and click "map this".

It should take you to that location on diddlefinger.

What to do if it doesn't work.

1) try it again, making sure you pasted the WHOLE link.

2) There are a HUGE number of different e-mail clients out there that can mangle links in an indefinite number of different ways, so if it still doesn't work, please mail the link to us at our feedback address so we can improve our link plotter. Please mention the email client you are using.

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