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Welcome to diddlefinger

On diddlefinger you can locate most addresses in Japan IN ENGLISH.

When we plot your address on our map, you will see English labelling of the surrounding area.

We have labels for almost 120,000 cities, towns, wards and localities - and we are adding to them all the time.

You can diddle those labels on and off with a single click on the map.

Double-click on the map to create a new marker - which you can save to your computer, email the location to friends or see how far it is from your home "marker".

Diddlefinger isn't perfect - it sometimes makes mistakes and we don't guarantee it will always give you the correct information. Please read the disclaimer first.

Here are some other things diddlefinger can do.

Lookup postcodes - give us a postcode, we will try and tell you where it is....
Lookup Japanese language addresses and plot them on our map.
Quickly lookup places in Japan and map them
List all the cities ('-shi" and '-gun', to be technical ) in a given prefecture, and all the areas within those cities.

... oh and finally - it can plot "google maps" email links (links people have sent you to places on "google maps") and plot them on our maps....

We hope you like diddlefinger - let us know what features you would like to see on our feedback address - but please, read the F.A.Q and the notes about romanisation first...

A final note - we hate it when people tell us to use a different browser to access their website - but the fact is that the technology behind diddlefinger seems to work best - or at least fastest - in the Firefox browser. So if diddlefinger is running slow on your computer, give it a try in Firefox. (Mac users: Firefox is fast - the latest version of Camino is even faster and is highly recommended.)

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Look-up a Japanese address in English.
Read the disclaimer  before you start.
To look-up a place name, rather than an address, select "Place Lookup" from the menu above.
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    City names end in -shi [ e.g. Nagasaki-shi ] except Tokyo central area [ Tokyo ].
Find and map a place-name in Japan
City names end in -shi [ e.g. Nagasaki-shi ] except Tokyo central area [ Tokyo ].
Filter on:
   » put a comma (,) at the end of the name to reduce the number of hits.
   » If the dropdowns become confused, reload the page.

Kanji address lookup
Address lookup using Japanese kanji and kana (for addresses in Japan) or English (for addresses worldwide).
For Japanese address lookup in English, click "English Address Search" from the menu above.
Postcode / Zip / Yubinbango lookup
Enter a Japanese postal code to see the area it refers to.
Postal codes are of the form xxx-xxxx (eg 810-0022).
You can enter just the first 3 digits, for an approximate location or all 7.
Google Maps™ email link plotter
Been sent an email link to a place on Google Maps Japan?
Paste it in the field below to have it plotted on diddlefinger.com.

Paste link in e-mail or IM. (Link is to basic map + any green arrows.)