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Q. Do you have any relationship with Google™?
A. No, none whatsoever.
Q. Does Google™ supply the labels you add to the map?
A. No - they are our labels.
Q. What does "Diddlefinger is in beta" mean?
A. In plain and simple English it means we don't guarantee that the information we provide does not contain inaccuracies.
Q. How does Diddlefinger work?
A. We compile a list of places in Japan. We find out where they are. We overlay them on a Japanese map.
Q. How many English language labels does Diddlefinger place on maps?
A. Currently, around 120,000 across the whole country.
Q. Why don't the English labels line up with the Japanese text on the map?
A. The Japanese text is part of the map tile graphic. We have no control over it. Ultimately, where the text is placed is a "graphic design issue" - it has to fit with all the other elements. Very often it does not matter exactly where it is placed - and in fact things like city and prefecture names are often placed in slightly different locations at different zoom levels. (Each zoom level grabs a different map tile).

Our labels are usually placed at the latitude and longitude of the centre of the area they relate to - which can be different to the placing of the Japanese text. This is quite normal - it does not mean the label is in the "wrong" position...
Q. Are some labels in the wrong position?
A. A very small percentage of labels may be misplaced. The process to determine where to place labels is known as "geocoding" and it is occasionally subject to error.

Please let us know if you come across labels you are SURE are placed incorrectly. You can find out how here.
Q. I did an address search on Diddlefinger in English and a search at Google Maps™, in Japanese. I got different results. Why?
A. Google Maps™ has access to slightly different address data. Sometimes this leads to different results. Which is correct? Your guess is as good as ours. In the vast majority of cases, the result should be exactly the same whether you do an address lookup on diddlefinger in English or a google maps address lookup in Japanese.

However, we give you what we think is the Japanese language translation of the address you looked up so you can cross-check it at Google Maps, Yahoo or some other mapping site if you are worried.

Remember that in the Japanese countryside so many villages are amalgamating into single "towns" each year that their addresses are something of a moving target.
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    City names end in -shi [ e.g. Nagasaki-shi ] except Tokyo central area [ Tokyo ].
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City names end in -shi [ e.g. Nagasaki-shi ] except Tokyo central area [ Tokyo ].
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Kanji address lookup
Address lookup using Japanese kanji and kana (for addresses in Japan) or English (for addresses worldwide).
For Japanese address lookup in English, click "English Address Search" from the menu above.
Postcode / Zip / Yubinbango lookup
Enter a Japanese postal code to see the area it refers to.
Postal codes are of the form xxx-xxxx (eg 810-0022).
You can enter just the first 3 digits, for an approximate location or all 7.
Google Maps™ email link plotter
Been sent an email link to a place on Google Maps Japan?
Paste it in the field below to have it plotted on diddlefinger.com.

Paste link in e-mail or IM. (Link is to basic map + any green arrows.)