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Label wrong / misspelt

Labels clearly in the wrong location

Labels usually do NOT line up with Japanese text on maps, and this is entirely "normal". It does not mean the label is misplaced. (See the FAQ.)

However, very occasionally our automatic system does place a label in the wrong location - and where this happens, we naturally want to correct it.

If you have the time, it would be most helpful if you could tell us both the name of any label you believe to be misplaced and what you believe is its "correct" position. You can best do this double-clicking on the map at the point you think the label should be. This will create an unsaved marker. Click the 'e-mail' tab on the popup window, then hit the link. This should make a new message in your email client, with a link to the label location - just add the name of the label that is the problem and send it down to us at "labels at diddlefinger.com".

If you are not sure where it should be, we would still like to know that it is in the wrong position.

Alternatively, and at your discretion, you can just send us a badly spelt message saying something like "YOUVE GOT THE POZISHON OF A LABUL WRONG!!!!!!" - but frankly - that isn't desperately helpful....

Label misspelt

Please read the section on Romanisation/Hyphenation before contacting us.

If you believe a label is misspelt, please doubleclick on it to create a marker, hit the email tab in the popup window, and then the email link. Don't forget to add what you believe to be the "correct" spelling. Send it to "labels at diddlefinger.com".

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