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Yes it's finally here - look up Japanese addresses IN ENGLISH on your keitai, mobile phone, pda, iphone, ipod touch or other mobile device. We can't plot the result on an English map but we CAN link to a Japanese map and tell you what the kanji is you are looking at.

We have two mobile sites - one for ordinary mobiles, the other for iPhones (we will have a full featured scrollable map iPhone site shortly - but for now, linking to the built in Google Maps application gives you all the benefits of the iPhone's GPS.)

Want a quick shufti? Have a look here for the mobile site and here for the iPhone site.

Perfect? No - far from it - but surprisingly effective according to our beta testers. Note how we show you the 4 nearest railways stations and the distance and bearing from the stations to the address you are looking for... The links at the top are to a static Google map.

  • Lookup by text search, across Japan, or within a particular prefecture or shi.
  • Lookup by Postcode/Chome. Great for when you are working from a Japanese business card and all you can read is the numeric postcode and chome info.
  • Lookup by Drill down. Select Fukuoka-ken > Fukuoka-shi > Takamiya, then enter the chome data.
  • GPS - if your phone has GPS, click a link and be show where you are, with a link to a google map.

More: See basic information about what railways lines are served by a station and a map of the area around a station.

We are still in a shakedown period with the mobile site. If you access the site through a web-browser, you will see one type of adverts. if you access through a mobile device, you should see mobile adverts. If you are seeing desktop ads on a mobile device, please let us know.

We will integrate the mobile site with the desktop site over the coming weeks, in the meantime, the following may be of interest.

Links: If you make a new marker on the desktop site and click "link here", we give you a link like this:

The equivalent map on the mobile site can be called up by:
(Click the link to the map at the top of the page this pulls up...)

Feel free to send us feedback about what does and does not work - miracles, we can't offer, but if you need a feature and we can add it without too much difficulty, we probably will.

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Look-up a Japanese address in English.
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    City names end in -shi [ e.g. Nagasaki-shi ] except Tokyo central area [ Tokyo ].
Find and map a place-name in Japan
City names end in -shi [ e.g. Nagasaki-shi ] except Tokyo central area [ Tokyo ].
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Kanji address lookup
Address lookup using Japanese kanji and kana (for addresses in Japan) or English (for addresses worldwide).
For Japanese address lookup in English, click "English Address Search" from the menu above.
Postcode / Zip / Yubinbango lookup
Enter a Japanese postal code to see the area it refers to.
Postal codes are of the form xxx-xxxx (eg 810-0022).
You can enter just the first 3 digits, for an approximate location or all 7.
Google Maps™ email link plotter
Been sent an email link to a place on Google Maps Japan?
Paste it in the field below to have it plotted on diddlefinger.com.

Paste link in e-mail or IM. (Link is to basic map + any green arrows.)